• 10 Jun 2022

Doom, as the word suggests,refers to the occurrence of some unfaithful events in one life. In a game of chance, there are positive and negative outcomes. The number of negative outcomes against positive outcomes occurs at random.

Be it a trader, a student or anyone, everybody faces some unexpected situation, and this is when one starts panicking and makes a wrong choice. Instead of panicking one could come up with new rules to overcome the unexpected situation. After coming out of the situation one might again face another problem. So every time one needs to change their style strategies to come out of the situation. This process is known as the cycle of doom.

The irony of Foreign Exchange trading is that it is highly volatile, which means that it shows huge profit at a time and again shows a loss. There is huge risk and reward involved in the same. While incurring a loss instead of panicking, innovate to make that situation favorable. Innovation has always been a key to strive and succeed.

As said by Mark Douglas “If you can learn to create a state of mind that is not affected by the market’s behavior. The struggle will cease to exist”. This clearly states that one should not get affected by the market fluctuations because there is always an opportunity to grow.

Now, the question comes, can we avoid the cycle of doom?

Personally, I feel there is no way to avoid it. However, we can tackle it by modifying, evolving, innovating and most importantly omitting em

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- Arpita Shankhari