Newton Global Commercial Business (NGCB) Ltd, is regulated by the Mauritius Financial Service Commission (Reg. No. GB22200758).

To open a trading account, you need a valid government-issued identity document such as a passport, driving license, or other National Identity cards.

You can open a live trading account with Newton Global in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Click on the “sign up” button on the homepage

Step 2: Fill in your details

Step 3: On your client dashboard, click on “Create live account”

Step 4: Verify your identity using a valid government-issued identity document

Step 5: Once completed, your account will be opened, and the login credentials will be sent to your registered email address

The minimum deposit required to open a trading account is $20 (Twenty US Dollars).

Newton Global provides a large number of CFD instruments such as:

1. Forex: Exchange rate between two currencies
2. Indices: Various stocks put together as portfolios such as S&P 500, UK 100 & more
3. Commodities: Metals, energies, and other major commodities are available 
4. Stocks: Popularly traded stocks of US and UK companies

A CFD (Contract for difference) is a financial instrument that allows traders to trade on the price movements of the underlying instruments (FX, commodities, indices, shares, etc.) without actually owning the instrument. CFDs use leverage when trading, which helps users to trade large quantities of the instruments while using smaller margins to open these positions. Keep in mind that using this leverage can amplify the profits and losses significantly.

Newton Global provides various assets such as Forex currency pairs, commodities, indices & shares. Using our platforms, you can either go long or short on the instruments mentioned above. In simple terms, if you speculate that the price of an instrument will move up, you open a long or buy position, and vice versa.

The maximum leverage offered by Newton Global is upto 1:500* (500times leverage).

Margin requirements for opening a position can vary anywhere from 1% to 20% of the notional value depending on the leverage provided on the respective instrument being traded. For example, consider the notional value of the position as $10,000, and the margin requirement is 5%, you will require $500 in your account just to open this position. The margin also shows that the leverage for the instrument is 1:20.

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 Newton Global holds regular webinars and seminars to guide traders in learning about trading. Additionally, you can learn about trading basics, analysis, and trading psychology at NGCB Academy.

 To sign up as an Affiliate or an Introducing Broker, contact Newton Global at [email protected], and one of our specialists will get in touch with you.

On NG MetaTrader 5, select history in the Toolbox, and you can see all the recent closed trades. Additionally, the time period can be changed by right-clicking on the area where the closed trades are shown, and can be adjusted as per your need. As an added advantage you can download a comprehensive report of your trading activities and behaviour through the platform.

On the login page, enter your registered email address and click on “Forgot Password”. Please follow the steps which will be sent to you via email.

 You can contact Newton Global via the live chat option available on the website or send an e-mail to [email protected].

 Yes, Newton Global adheres to the strict regulations put down by the Mauritius Financial Service Commission (Registration number GB22200758)  through which we are regulated & have acquired our investment dealer License.

 You can trade 24 hours from Monday to Friday with NG MetaTrader 5 on the competitive pricing offered by Newton Global. Kindly note that trading will not be available on Saturdays & Sundays.

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