• 16 Feb 2024

If you are looking for forex trading platforms for beginners in South Africa, then you're at the right place. We have identified the 9-based options tailored to various trading needs you need to know about.

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What are the top 4x brokers in South Africa?

To let you know about the forex trading platforms for beginners in South Africa, we have compiled a few of them that are as mentioned below:-

    1. FP Markets: it provides authentic educational support along with competitive fees. It is ideal for beginners.

    2. Exness: It is FSCA-regulated and is vital for advanced tools of MetaTrader.

    3. FBS: It is best for the account offerings that it's also an FSCA-regulated firm.

    4. VT MARKETS: It consists of over 47 crypto currencies that usually charge specific competitive trading fees.

    5. IRONFX: It is ideal for the levels of experience and offers plenty of tools in MT4.

    6. IG: It is one of the most authorized platforms by the FSCA.

    7. FXTM: It is a trading application for mobile users that consists of strong educational materials you need to know about.

    8. AvaTrade: If you are a professional trader, this could be the best option for you which consists of a variety of copy trading options.

    9. Tickmill: It is perfect for education and consists of several research materials.

    10. HFM: It provides quality research for the user.

In South Africa, which entity oversees the regulation of forex trading? In South Africa, trading is not a big deal if you take authority from the Financial Sector Conduct Authority. It is a national regulatory body in South Africa. Apart from that, if you want to become a legitimate trader, it is essential to authorize yourself with FSCA. For multiple local residences, these trading services offer regulated services.

Why is Newton Global the Best Forex Broker In South Africa?

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After proper research on the Best Forex Trading Platforms for beginners in South Africa, you will come across a variety of options but Newton Global is the one that you could consider for the following reasons:

  • We have come across a variety of brokers that have offices located in South Africa.

  • We make sure to accept the residents of South Africa who are regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA)

  • We list the brokers who have user-friendly platforms along with the future scope.

  • We usually pray for the brokers that provide South African Rand (SAR) to deposit and withdraw.

  • Customer support is essential for every broker. Especially if you are living in South Africa we make sure that every broker must provide a legit customer care support to the user.

We do have a team of experts who can easily identify the weaknesses along with the strengths of brokers. Newton Global is the platform with the help of personalized methodology.

What's Our Methodology?

Although we are new in the market, we have a great team of people who research in-depth and review the program of CFD brokers located in South Africa. Due to having an immense amount of experience in broker testing, there is a great aspect we cover. We do not force ourselves to provide unnecessary data as every review is based upon legitimacy. So it is better for you as a trader to choose the best broker that fulfills your requirement.

So if you are someone who is supposed to choose the best broker as per the requirements and performance. Then we have categorized them in the following format:

  • Fees charged

  • Must Be Trusted

  • Must consist of required trading instruments

  • Easy deposit and withdrawal

  • Education

  • Multiple types of account accessibility

  • Easy customer support

Apart from the points mentioned above. We make sure to test the platforms more authentically. Along with that measure spreads with the support team allocated to that specific platform. Multiple data points are using which views to examine them deeply.

For every single category of a broker, we read them between one star to 5 stars depending on the usage. The performance is essential which will grow the overall experience.

We make sure to highlight the weaknesses and strengths of every broker in front of you. Along with that if there is any extra charge taken by the broker we used to mention them alongside

How to pick the best Forex broker for beginners in South Africa?

Choosing the best Forex broker for beginners in South Africa could be a big hassle for you if you don't have any knowledge about it. But if you start learning more about the services offered by the broker then it might be easier for you to make the right decision out of it. It's been observed that most of the traders are more domestically regulated and people are comfortable working with them.

It is essential to protect yourself from negative balance or this segregation in funds. If the broker is overcharging you then it might be because of the financial problem of the broker.

Final Verdict

Trading is getting popular these days. Choosing the best and most authentic forex broker for beginners essential and can help you with a positive experience in the field of trading. There are too many options available in the market of South Africa that you can choose from. But I have listed down a few of the best brokers in South Africa that you can Look at. We at Newton Global sure to provide you with the best possible services at a very reasonable range.


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  • Which is the best broker in South Africa?

  • There's no ranking-wise broker, but FP markets are still beating the market.

  • How to find the best Forex trading platform in South Africa?

  • If you are looking for the best user-friendly platform in South Africa, you can always go with Exness.

- NGCB Team