• 14 Jun 2024

The commodity market in India provides a platform for traders to buy and sell various
commodities like gold, silver, crude oil, natural gas, and agricultural products. Understanding
the trading timings of this market is crucial for anyone involved in commodity trading. If
you're getting into commodity trading in India, it's essential to know when the markets are
open. The main exchanges you'll be dealing with are the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)
and the National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX). Here's a straightforward
guide to help you understand their trading timings.


Main Commodity Exchanges in India

1. Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)
MCX is one of the leading commodity exchanges in India, offering futures trading in metals,
energy, and a few agricultural commodities.

2. National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX)
NCDEX primarily deals with agricultural commodities and is a significant player in the
Indian commodity market.

Commodity Trading Hours in India

The trading day is split into two sessions: the Morning Session and the Evening Session.
These timings ensure you can trade during different parts of the day and take advantage of
various market conditions.

1. MCX Trading Timings
● Morning Session:
    ○ 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM IST
    ○ You can trade all listed commodities, like gold, silver, crude oil, natural gas, and a few agricultural products.

● Evening Session:
    ○ 5:00 PM to 11:30 PM IST (April to October)
    ○ 5:00 PM to 11:55 PM IST (November to March)
    ○ This session is longer to overlap with the trading hours of major international markets, letting you react to global market trends.

2. NCDEX Trading Timings
● Morning Session:
○ 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM IST
○ This session is for trading a variety of agricultural commodities.
● Evening Session:
○ 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM IST

○ This shorter evening session focuses mainly on agricultural commodities.
The commodity market offers a dynamic platform to trade essential materials that fuel our
global economy. At NGCB, we understand the importance of having a reliable partner by
your side. We provide a comprehensive trading experience designed to empower your success
in this exciting market.

Why do Trading Timings Matter?

1. Sync with Global Markets:
The evening sessions, particularly on the MCX, are designed to overlap with the trading
hours of major global commodity markets. This overlap allows Indian traders to react to
international market developments and price movements in real-time.

2. Liquidity:
Longer trading hours mean more buyers and sellers. This ensures that there is sufficient
liquidity in the market, so traders can execute large orders without affecting prices too much.

3. Risk Management:
Being able to trade at different times helps you manage risks better and respond to news and
events that occur outside regular hours.

4. Flexibility:
The split sessions provide flexibility for traders with different trading strategies and
schedules, making the commodity market accessible to a broader range of participants.This
lets you choose trading times that fit your schedule.

Commodity Trading with NGCB

While traditional exchanges offer a standard selection, NGCB goes a step further. We provide
a curated list of in-demand commodities, including:
● Energy Commodities
Brent crude oil, Natural gas
● Metals
Precious metals: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Palladium
Base metals: Copper

At NGCB, we believe commodity trading should be accessible and rewarding. That's why we
offer NG MetaTrader 5 (MT5), a user-friendly platform designed to simplify your trading

Benefits of NG MetaTrader 5 for Commodity Trading:

● Simplified Trading: Navigate with ease, execute trades swiftly, and enjoy
competitive pricing with tight spreads and no commission fees. Access a diverse
range of commodities – all conveniently available within MT5.

● Transparency You Can Trust: Experience complete transparency with NG
MetaTrader 5. Our electronic trading platform ensures full access to your trades and a
fair marketplace. The platform eliminates price manipulation and simplifies the
trading process.

● Unlocking Profit Potential: Maximize your returns with NG MetaTrader 5's high
leverage facilities. Invest a smaller amount (margin) to control a larger position,
potentially amplifying your gains.

Here's how NG MetaTrader 5 can enhance your commodity trading experience with

● Streamlined Trading: Consolidate your trading activities within a single platform.
Access market data, analysis tools, and execute trades directly from MT5.

● Informed Decisions: Utilize the platform's advanced features to conduct in-depth
market analysis and make informed trading decisions.

● Flexibility: Tailor your trading approach with a variety of order types and leverage
options available on MT5.

While NG MetaTrader 5 offers a powerful set of tools, it's important to remember:

● Trading involves risk. Commodity markets can be volatile, and you should carefully
consider your risk tolerance before trading.
● Do your research. Educate yourself on the specific commodities you plan to trade
and understand the relevant market factors.

By combining your knowledge of market timings with the ease of NG MetaTrader 5, you're
well-equipped to navigate the Indian commodity market and pursue your trading goals.

The commodity market trading timings in India are structured to provide maximum flexibility
and alignment with global markets. Knowing the trading timings for commodity markets in
India is crucial for making the most out of your trading activities. NGCB with its extensive
platform and expert services empowers you to confidently pursue your trading goals.

By understanding when you can trade and planning your strategies accordingly, you can
better respond to market opportunities and risks. Whether you’re dealing in metals, energy, or
agricultural products, staying informed and making use of the trading hours will help you
succeed. At NGCB, we're here to provide the insights and tools you need to navigate the
commodity markets effectively. For more information, reach out to us, and we’re here to
Happy Trading!

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