Welcome to NGCB's Chinese New Year Celebration!

Venture on a journey of prosperity, good fortune, and successful trading as we joyously usher in the festivities of the Chinese New Year. NGCB extends heartfelt wishes to all our valued clients and partners!

Proverb of the Day!


(It takes more than one cold day for the river to freeze three feet deep.)

You want to trade but you've practiced only a week and feel like you can never reach other's achievements. You imply ".冰冻三尺,非一日之寒." and begin trading with confidence.


Dragon's Fortune Bonus

For each deposit made during the Chinese New Year celebrations, traders will receive a bonus percentage based on the Dragon's lucky number for 2024

(Deposit $200 and get a 70% bonus, larger deposits can enjoy even greater bonuses, and so on.) 7!

Double Happiness

Rejoice in this new year, grow your wallet and along with it grow your happiness with your near and dear ones!

(Refer a person for a 20% bonus on the new deposit and earn up to USD 1000. For Feb get a ruby rebate based on the activity of a new client.)

Dragon's Market Insights

Access to premium research reports, exclusive webinars with market experts, and personalized insights for navigating the markets during the Year of the Dragon.

Red Pocket Rewards


The real magic lies not in the forecast itself, but in how you use its insights to navigate your journey towards a fulfilling future.

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As the Dragon soars high, may your portfolio rise to new levels, and may the winds of fortune carry success to your trading endeavors.